What is Okashi Box?
Okashi Box is a subscription service that delivers a selection of candy originating in all over Japan. Once you subscribe, you receive a box once each month.
The contents of the box are different every time.

What is 'Okashi'?
'Okashi' is the Japanese word for candy, sweets or snacks.
It is our mission to introduce the Japanese culture of 'okashi' to the world.

What makes Okashi Box different from other services?
Our box includes region limited varieties of candy, which are difficult to find outside Japan. These varieties are only sold at certain regions or even cities of Japan and as such can be quite rare.
We are a Japanese company residing in Tokyo and this enables us to deliver these varieties.

What are the region limited varieties of candy?
In Japan regions such as Hokkaido or Okinawa sell special varieties of candy only available on the area. These varieties are usually bought as souveniers.
It is extremely hard to find these varieties to be sold outside Japan, but with Okashi Box you get these varieties with each delivery.

Can I buy the past Okashi Boxes?
Unfortunately we do not have the past Okashi Boxes available for purchase as we only have the inventory for the current Okashi Box selection.

I have an allergy or other dietary restrictions. Can the content of Okashi Box be customised?
Because of the limitations of our inventory the content of an individual Okashi Box can not be altered.
We do take into account allergies when we choose what to include in our boxes, but we ask you to order our products on your own responsibility.


What kinds of boxes are available for purchase?
Okashi Box is the only product available for the time being, but we are confident the contents will fulfill the needs of our customers.
We also have a Sample Okashi Box available for those who wish to try our product before subscribing.
If you like the contents, please consider subscribing for the monthly delivery service!

How much does Okashi Box cost?
Okashi Box costs $32 a month. You receive a box containing 18 to 20 pieces of candy once each month.
In the future we are also planning to provide 6 month and yearly subscription alternatives, making it possible for our customers to save in costs even more!
Sample Okashi Box costs $19 and is delivered once per order. It contains 8 to 10 pieces of candy.

Can I purchase Sample Okashi Box repeatedly?
Yes, you can purchase Sample Okashi Box as many times as you like.
We do recommend subscribing to our monthly service as the contents are much more special!

Do I get gifts with the Okashi Box?
We are planning to add gifts in the future, but for the time being there is no additional gifts included with Okashi Box.


How much is the shipping cost?
Distributable areas are here (April 2018)


In the case of Japan's airmail service, France, Spain and the Netherlands cost extra shipping fee, but otherwise it is free shipping.
I will try to respond to other countries in the future!

When will I receive the box I ordered?
Okashi Boxes are shipped twice a month. Depending on the timing of your purchase, you will receive Okashi Box as follows.
Purchases between 1st to 15th day of the month are delivered 10th to 15th day of next month.
Purchases between 16th to 31st day of the month are delivered 25th to 30th day of next month.

Is there a tracking service available?
To make our prices as affordable as possible we currently have no tracking service available.
We are considering of adding tracking as an optional service in the future.


When is my order going to be billed?
We currently only accept credit cards and thus the billing will happen on the day of purhase.
The next shipment will be billed 30 days from the day of purchase.
Unfortunately the timing of the billing cannot be changed.

Can I get a refund?
The contents of Okashi Box are food products with "best before" dates and as such we are unable to give refunds of products that have already been shipped.

Can I stop subscription temporarily?
No, stopping subscription temporarily or skipping orders is not possible.
If you wish to temporarily stop receiving Okashi Box, you need to first unsubscribe and then subscribe again when you wish to continue the service.


How do I unsubscribe?
Login to your account and click cancel next to the subscription you wish to end.

How do I change the shipping address?
Login to your account and click "edit" next to your order and you can change your address.
The new address will become visible from the next shipment.